Daiwa Leobritz S500J

By Daiwa

High-performance with fierce power

500-size electric reel for all targets, from pelagics to dep sea fish. Equipped with a JOG power lever that can be operated comfortably. The BRITZ motor, which produces high strength, is installed in the heart and exerts its furious power. The drag uses ATD, which continues to work smoothly. In addition has a automatic line feed mechanism and synchronous level wind. 
  • Line Capacity : PE #4(40LB)-500m, #5(50LB)-400m, #6(60LB)-300m
  • Max Drag 15kg
  • Gear Ratio 3.7
  • Max Winding Power 65kg
  • Max Winding Speed 140m/min
  • Bearings 7/1
  • Weight 795g
  • Right Handed
  • Made in Japan