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  • Daiwa Lexa WN300


Daiwa Lexa WN300

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Strong, unyielding and designed to handle battle the legendary Lexa baitcaster receives an overhaul in 2018, with the new ultra comfortable, ultra stylish Winn grips elevating the Lexa WN to a new level of comfort, power and performance. Bold in looks in performance the Lexa WN has the power and poise to get the job done, and the precision and refinement to perform well beyond its price tag. Rock solid in design and construction the Lexa WN features an open-access low profile frame that sits comfortably and low in the hand.

Open access to allow maximum spool access and reel control the Lexa WN's frame and gear side plate is made from a lightweight, yet highly corrosion resistant alloy, that maximizes reel sensitivity and strength for optimum performance and reel integrity. Daiwa's Infinite Anti Reverse and Dual Stopper technology combines with the Lexa's highly refined and engineered gearing system, and creates a reel that is precise in its gearing, ultra smooth when cranked, and flawless when under load.

Daiwa's all-conquering Ultimate Tournament Drag offers ample stopping power and dishes out a staggering 10kg of drag. Featuring a multi washer carbon drag stack the Lexa WN's UTD gives you the power to muscle fish from the snags and puts the pulling power in your hands to stop just about anything that swims. A heavy drag calls for heavy line and lots of it and the Lexa WN's large capacity spool is as deep and as wide as they come, giving you all the room you need to load up this baitcaster powerhouse with an XOS spool of your favourite line.

Featuring weight-reducing cutouts the Swept Handle improves reel balance and performance by bringing the balance point of the reel closer to the centre axis of the reel for maximum cranking power and feel. A 6.3:1 retrieve ratio, seven ball bearings, including 2 CRBB, and a well balanced 297gram body weight further enhance the reel's in-hand performance and silky smooth ways, and combine with the Lexa WN's rock solid construction to make it one of the most refined, yet rugged, large baitcasters available.




LEXA WN300H 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 6.3 PE 220m/40lb; 160m/55lb 297g 27261 $299.00
LEXA WN300HS-P 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 7.1 PE 220m/40lb; 160m/55lb 320g 27260 $319.00
LEXA WN300HSL 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 7.1 PE 220m/40lb; 160m/55lb 297g 27264 $299.00


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