Daiwa Liberty Club Isokaze

By Daiwa

A standard wobble rod that can be used to target various fish on embankments and sea fishing parks

There are a variety of fish on the breakwater, such as horse mackerel, mackerel, sardine, meval, blackfish, and medina. "Liberty Club Isokaze" is a versatile pole for embankments that is designed to be easy to handle and durable with a habit-free shape so that a single fish can target various fish. A lineup that can be used widely, from fukase fishing using uki to sabiki fishing


Specification details


Reinforced structure "Brading X" to suppress torsion which leads to power loss at the time of rod operation by tightening the outermost layer of blank butt section in X shape with carbon tape.


Hold the reel firmly with a stainless steel reel sheet (the long cast model is a pipe sheet that does not shake even with a large reel).


 A hard guide that is strong against impact (the distance cast model is a foot-height guide frame with good thread output). The guide cover has a threading bar that is convenient for threading (except for long throw models).


Little sensor touch grip that fits comfortably in your hand and provides an excellent hold feeling.

Model Overall length (m) Number of pieces Folded Length (cm) Weight (g) Tip diameter / base diameter (mm) Line rating (no.) Carbon Content (%)
No.2-53 5.33 6 101 230 1.3 (1.2) /21.0  2 - 5 90
No.3-53 5.33 6 102 315 1.5 (1.4) /21.2  3 - 7 95
No.4-53 5.33 6 103 370 1.6 (1.5) /24.2  3 - 10 96
No.5-53 5.33 6 103 425 1.8 (1.7) /26.3  4 - 12