Daiwa New Saltiga 12 EX UVF Braid PE Line

$89.95 $99.99
By Daiwa

Revamped from the original Saltiga 12 Daiwa have released the new super braid, Daiwa Saltiga 12 EX for 2019.

Developing the worlds first 12 ply braid and applying Daiwa’s UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) and +Si Evo Silicone we have produced the ultimate high-density braid exhibiting supreme abrasion resistance and ultimate strength. With 72% improved abrasion resistance, 20% more strength, an 18% more slippery surface and 30% less line stretch compared to other 8 braid premium PE lines, our 12 braid is the ultimate in line technology.

By reducing the diameter and creating an ultra smooth surface this allows 12 braid to produce less friction/resistance on the guides and spool rim allowing for longer smoother casting, less noise, minimal water penetration and incredible sensitivity.You will feel more connected to your rod and reel.

Saltiga 12 is the ultimate heavy duty jigging and casting line for big game fish. Color-coded every 10 meters and marked every 1 and 5 meters to allow you full line control.

12 Braid will change your fishing style


Line Size Line Length Line Colour
PE 1.5 - 14kg/31lb 200m Multicolour
PE 2.0 - 16.2kg/36lb 200m Multicolour
PE 2.5 - 22kg/44lb 200m Multicolour
PE 3.0 - 24.8kg/55lb 200m Multicolour
PE 3.0 - 24.8kg/55lb 300m Multicolour
PE 4.0 - 30.7kg/68lb 300m Multicolour
PE 5.0 - 39.7kg/88lb 300m Multicolour
PE 6.0 - 45.3kg/100lb 300m Multicolour
PE 10.0 - 59.1kg/130lb 300m Multicolour
PE 6.0 - 45.3kg/100lb 400m Multicolour
PE 8.0 - 53kg/118lb 400m Multicolour