Daiwa Saltist X Fishing Rod

By Daiwa


Demanding on tackle and body, few angling styles challenge in such an unrelenting way as offshore angling, and few names accept the challenge and shoulder up to the battle in such a formidable way as the Saltist name.

Rigorously designed and tested, and loaded with the pedigree and features that have made the Saltist name famous, this new series has it all. Featuring HVF graphite, Daiwa’s precise resin controlled, unidirectional graphite fibre blank technology, the result is a blank with maximum graphite density, delivering the angler a rod that is incredibly durable, lightweight and sensitive, yet immensely powerful and strong.

Braiding X technology further enhances the Saltist X series rod design, strength, and performance. The wall of the blank has been strengthened to eliminate blank twist and distortion, increasing rod strength and lifting power and allowing lighter, slimmer blanks to be made.

Fuji’s new Fazlite Anti-Tangle K-Series guides ensure trouble and tangle free time on the water. With their trademark deep blue colour adding a touch of style and class, their heightened bend strength and braid proof design are perfect for the rough and tumble of the high seas, and the demands of heavy braided line and hard pulling fish.

EVA Grips, Fuji reel seats and butt caps make sure the comfort and control boxes are ticked, while a stylish cloth bag delivers protection on and off the water. There are 12 models in the range so whether you’re jigging for snapper on the reefs, popping for GTs on the bombies, or casting for tuna and mackerel on the rocky headlands, the Saltist X range has you covered.


  • Braiding X
  • HVF Blank
  • Fuji Fazlite Guides
  • Fuji reel seats
Model Type Sections Length (cm) Action Taper Lure Weight (g) Line Rating
722LFS Spin 2 218 cm Light Fast 2 - 10g 2 - 4 kg
64CJS Spin 1 193 cm Medium Light Regular 60 - 120g PE 2/4
64CJB Overhead 1 193 cm Medium Light Regular 60 - 120g PE 2/4
60-3/4S Spin 1 183 cm Medium Regular 150 - 250g PE 3/4
60-3/4B Overhead 1 183 cm Medium Regular 150 - 250g PE 3/4
56-5/6S Spin 1 168 cm Heavy Regular 150 - 300g PE 5/6
56-5/6B Overhead 1 168 cm Heavy Regular 150 - 300g PE 5/6
70M Spin 1 213 cm Medium Regular 20 - 50g PE Max 2
70MH Spin 1 213 cm Medium Heavy Regular 30 - 90g PE Max 4
762H Spin 2 229 cm Heavy Regular 40 - 120g PE Max 5
802XH Spin 2 244 cm X-Heavy Regular 150 - 300g PE Max 8
962MH Spin 2 290 cm Medium Heavy Regular 50 - 120g PE Max 5