Daiwa Sensor Seajigger

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Daiwa Sensor Seajigger Surf Fishing Rods

If you want ultimate all round shore rods look no further than the Sensor Seajigger series, designed to match many of Daiwa’s long-distance casting reels like Cast IZM, Procargo and Surf Basia. Built to the highest standards, the Sensor Seajigger series is specifically designed for optimum surf fishing performance with today’s super braids.

Angling perfection starts on the top shelf with Daiwa’s latest carbon design. The introduction of new carbon technology unique to Daiwa has produced a parabolic action rod that is incredibly thin and lightweight yet overwhelming powerful. The secret is HVF Nanoplus. Combining precise Nano resin control with unidirectional HVF graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. Light, responsive, and crisp in action… “HVF Nanoplus” is unrivalled. 

At the heart of the blank design is our latest design innovation – X45.  This new innovation delivers ultimate strength, power, and weightlessness, resulting in an ultra slim blank that eliminates blank twist and massively increases torque, and blank recoil.

With all this extra power the join in the rod features Daiwa’s V Joint, this allows the ferrule to flex eliminating week or flat spots, ensuring two-piece blanks match flex, power and responsiveness of a one-piece blank.

For ultimate casting performance with our long spool reels the rod features Fuji Alconite K guides, these guides increase line speed, eliminate line tangling and lay the line closer to the blank for faster more accurate casting. The graphite Fuji reel seat is super strong to take the pressures from the reel and features stainless components 

With an extensive range of models from lightweight jig casters all the way up to heavy duty surf models, there is definitely a model to suit all situations. By combining the latest Daiwa rod technologies, we have created the ultimate long-distance shore casting rod series. The progressive actions deliver powerful casts, while the upper section absorbs all the weight during a battle and the powerful lower section provides power with less angler fatigue. Daiwa technology has created the ultimate shore game series, the Sensor Seajigger.


  • Designed Exclusively for Australian Anglers
  • HVF Nanoplus
  • X45
  • Vjoint
  • Fuji DPS reel seats
  • Fuji Allconite K Guides
  • Ultra-tough EVA grips
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line rating
902MF Spin 2 274 cm Medium Fast 15 - 50 gm PE 1 -2
902MHF Spin 2 274 cm Medium Heavy Fast 30 - 90 gm PE 1.5 - 3
902HF Spin 2 274 cm Heavy Fast 60 - 90 gm PE 2 - 4
106XH Spin 2 320 cm Extra Heavy Fast 80 - 150 gm PE 3 - 5
110MH Spin 2 335 cm Medium Heavy Fast 20 - 60 gm PE 1.5 - 3
110XH Spin 2 335 cm Extra Heavy Fast 60 - 150 gm PE 2 - 4
1202MFS Spin 2 366 cm Medium Regular 30 - 60 gm PE 1.2 - 2
1202XHFS Spin 2 366 cm Extra Heavy Regular 90 - 150 gm PE 5 - 8