Daiwa Shore Spartan Break Through 140S 60g

$30.00 $34.99
By Daiwa


Break Through is the sinking stickbait of the Shore Spartan range. As with all Shore Spartan baits, the unique dimpled side is the first thing to notice. This dimpled design not only acts like a golf ball through the air, aiding the lure to track straight and true, it also aids the baits motion subsurface, allowing the Break Through to be retrieved faster than comparable baits without breaking the waters’ surface, a key trait for targeting high speed pelagics.

The Break Through also features an incredibly low centre of gravity, with all the lures weight being placed as low as possible in the extra thick 1.8mm ABS body. Available in both a 120mm and 140mm size, the Break Through comes rigged with either #2 or #2/0 HD treble hooks so they are ready to fish straight out of the package. 

SHORE SPARTAN 140mm Surface to Bottom 140mm Sinking 60g