Daiwa Shore Spartan Power Splash 140F

By Daiwa

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  • Shore Spartan Power Splash
  • Dimpled design to stabilise the lure for long casts
  • Through Wire construction
  • Durable thick plastic bodies
  • Owner Hooks and Split Rings

The first thing you notice about the range of Daiwa Shore Spartan lures is their unique golf ball dimple structure. This design aids in the baits performance through the air, especially during periods of heavy wind. This makes the Shore Spartan range some of the best casting baits on the market. A heavy-duty construction begins with a 1.8mm thick body, inside the body, an internal rib structure further increases strength.

Featuring a wire-through design, ensuring the fish that bite make it to the boat. The Power Splash is a perfect small cup face popper, capable of spitting a large amount of water to attract predators, however can also be retrieved fast, creating an irresistible bubble trail and enticing wobble. Rigged with #2/0 HD treble hooks and #8 split rings, the Power Splash is ready for action.

SHORE SPARTAN POWER SPLASH Surface 140mm Floating 49.5g