Daiwa 2019 TD Commander

$429.00 $499.00
By Daiwa

We’ve gone back to the drawing board, and utilised never before seen technology to bring you the new TD Commander rod range. 14 spin and baitcast models cater for every light tackle, estuary and inshore application our anglers demand. Specialised models to cater for emerging techniques and fisheries. Brand new blanks, graphite, guides & reel seats elevate TD Commander to a whole new level. This is game-changing, this is TD Commander.

X45 Cobra Shield
Our brand new X45 Cobra Shield takes everything to the next level. X45 Cobra Shield significantly reduces blank twist and distortion, 25% more efficient than our standard X45 technology. X45 Cobra Shield is visible to the naked eye, and is characterised by the distinct look of the TD Commander’s blank. 

Air Sensor Reel Seats
Over 2 years of R&D went into the brand new Air Sensor reel seats used on TD Commander rods. By using high-end carbon material we produced a reel seat that is incredibly light, but also unmatched at transmitting bites through to your hands.

Fuji Titanium SiC Stripper Guides
Our innovative AGS & Fuji TiSic guide train is unique and unparalleled in performance. Titanium framed Fuji SiC guides get your line under control quickly. Then our patented AGS guides take over, controlling your line out through the tip and delivering unmatched sensitivity.  

New AGS Guides
Our brand new AGS carbon fibre anti-tangle shaped guides are used on the tip section of all TD Commander rods. Reducing weight where it’s needed most, to improve responsiveness and enhance sensitivity.

Dressed in classic green and featuring stylish cork grips the new TD Commander series is a range that delivers in looks and swagger and high-end performance. From ultra-light finesse models designed for bream and trout, through to extra-heavy models made to muscle cod and barramundi from heavy cover. 

TD Commander has been completely overhauled to bring you one of the highest performance rod series ever to be released from Daiwa Australia.




TD Commander 681ULRS GRIFFIN Ultra-Light 0.5-5g 6'8""/203cm 1-2kg 1 Regular Spin 15615 $499.00
TD Commander 681LFS SNOWFINCH Light 2-9g 6'8""/203cm 2-4kg 1 Fast Spin 15616 $499.00
TD Commander 6102ULFS BACKFIRE Ultra-Light 2-9g 6'10""/208cm 1-3kg 2-Mid Fast Spin 15617 $499.00
TD Commander 742LXS OCELOT Light 3.5-14g 7'4""/224cm 2-4kg 2-Butt X-Fast Spin 15618 $499.00
TD Commander 722MLXS LONGBOLT Med-Light 5-21g 7'2""/218cm 3-6kg 2-Butt X-Fast Spin 15619 $529.00
TD Commander 722MHXS HELLKAT Med-Heavy 7-40g 7'2""/218cm 4-9kg 2-Butt X-Fast Spin 15620 $549.00
TD Commander 762HXS GARUDA Heavy 12-50g 7'6""/229cm 6-12kg 2-Butt X-Fast Spin 15621 $549.00


TD Commander 641HFB MERLON Heavy 15-70g 6'4""/193cm 6-12kg 1 Fast Baitcast 15622 $499.00
TD Commander 681MLB PIXZILLA Med-Light 5-17g 6'8""/203cm 3-6kg 1 Fast Baitcast 15623 $499.00
TD Commander 691MMHRB JACKALOPE Med-MedHeavy 10-45g 6'9""/206cm 4-9kg 1 Regular Baitcast 15624 $499.00
TD Commander 6101MXB WEREWOLF Medium 5-23g 6'10""/208cm 4-7kg 1 X-Fast Baitcast 15625 $499.00
TD Commander 712MFB BASILISK Medium 7-30g 7'1""/216cm 4-7kg 2-Butt Fast Baitcast 15626 $499.00
TD Commander 722HFB DUCKFIN Heavy 15-70g 7'2""/218cm 8-15kg 2-Butt Fast Baitcast 15627 $529.00
TD Commander 722XXHB GARGANAUT XX-Heavy 30-170g 7'2""/218cm 12-24kg 2-Butt Fast Baitcast 15628 $529.00


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