Daiwa Tournament Gore-Tex Infinium Gloves - DG-10020T (3 cut)

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■ Solid needle storage magnet allows quick needle exchange
■ Reinforced type with an emphasis on hand sensitivity, which reduces sewing on the palm without limit
■ Adopted enamel different material luster material for accent
■ Curve cut fingertips for gripping without stress
■ GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with excellent durability and moisture permeability on the instep side
■ Durable genuine leather on the palm side
■ Equipped with a hook storage magnet with tabs, hooks can be replaced smoothly.
■ Curved fingertips allow you to bend your fingers without stress

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Not only for fishing, but for gloves, natural leather is often used. The genuine leather has not only a natural texture, but also moderate elasticity and is strong against bending, and the more you use it, the more it fits in your hand. Originally, since it is the skin of animals, it has pores, and it drains water to some extent, so even if you sweat, the inside does not unexpectedly stuff. It is well known that it is resistant to wear and has a natural grip, and is widely used in sports equipment such as baseball and glove for motorcycles.
"DG-10020T/DG-11020T" uses soft and thin genuine leather that fits comfortably in the hand on the palm side. The point that I was particular about was not providing stitches in order not to impair the strength of the real leather. The palm of the palm is so-called seamless.
Fukase fishing has a large number of inputs and is a fishing that continuously sprinkles Komase. In recent years, the number of Hisakaku with anti-slip has increased. If this non-slip rubs against the palm of the glove, the stitches will be damaged even if the real leather is not damaged.
As a result, it became seamless, but the natural one-skin has a number of other merits.
Sensitivity and operability of "bare hand feeling"
The soft and thin one-piece leather fits the hand and almost no stiffness is felt. It feels so natural that you can call it a “feel like a bare hand”. You can feel the vibration transmitted from the rod in a realistic manner and the movement of your fingers is not hindered, so you can easily hold the rod.
It has excellent hand sensitivity and operability, and has high durability. This is a genuine leather seamless glove. The high-sensitivity tip represented by SMT is used for Daiwa's rock rod. In order to take advantage of the sharpened sensitivity of the rod, I would like to pay attention to the gloves.
Please try to experience the natural wearing and direct feeling of genuine leather.