Daiwa Tournament ISO AGS 1.5-53 60th Anniversary

By Daiwa

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Daiwa 60th Edition 

Daiwa Tournament 1.5 - 53


ESS (Expert Sense Simulation)

high-dimensional design system that digitizes the honed sensibilities of experts and creates rods as desired. Analyze with the numerical value called "strain energy" to evaluate elements that had only been evaluated by the sensitivity of anglers, such as swing sense and stickiness, to realize the ideal condition.


AGS, an innovative guide system that improves lightness and sensitivity. Guide frame is adopting a forward tilt type that is less likely to be entangled with threads. The yarn slippage is very good, and the load on the line when exchanging is greatly reduced.


Succeeded to uniformly disperse carbon fibers by Mega top special manufacturing method. It curves evenly in every direction, and the carbon solid tip realized the high strength which has never been before. While having high strength, it became possible to make a head that is more supple and digestible.


Carbon cloth reinforced structure superimposed in 4 layers, lengthwise / sideways / diagonally × 2 in the fiber direction. Besides the bending of the rod, the tsubure, it exerts outstanding strength against the twist. By adopting it appropriately in necessary parts, it improves the uniformity of bending and prevents the load from concentrating on a specific place.

V-joint A 
unique bias structure is adopted for the mating part of the joint where loads are easy to concentrate, thereby improving the strength and achieving smoother bending. By suppressing power transmission loss, we can not only catch the fish pull on the entire rod, but also contribute to improving the shaking condition.