Daiwa Tournament Long Caster II Burley Scoop

By Daiwa

Tournament specifications that combine outstanding sprinkling, long-distance casting, and controllability!
  • Carbon taper shaft with an emphasis on long-distance casting
  • Easy-to-grip, lightweight EVA material long grip
  • Fluorinated titanium cup
  • Floating type that can be collected even if the product falls into the sea
    * It is recommended to attach a tail rope when using
Uses a newly designed shaft that emphasizes long-distance casting!
Shaft of the earlier the with soft pleasure design shaft can long shot taking advantage of the repulsive force of the shaft
to control the-ground bait easy to hand high contrast
Fluorinated titanium cup that prevents the sprinkled bait from sticking
・ Lightweight titanium material cup
・ Excellent feeding separation due to fluorine processing and perforation
・ The cup has an angle of 5 degrees that makes it easy to compress the sprinkled bait
Easy-to-grip, lightweight EVA material long grip
・Long grip that can be
used for various grips・ With a hole for the tail rope at the rear
Iso column Stick to the shaft!
the spread of insufficiently mixed food that cannot be overcome by whether it is hard or soft, the word "comase work" has come to be heard frequently. Techniques such as spreading the frame in the distance to separate the bait and the favorite, and directly aiming at the offshore point by long-distance casting have been devised one after another, and along with that, the number of anglers who are particular about "hishaku" has increased.
However, there are various ways to sprinkle Komase depending on the angler, and the taste of hiss is also different. People who use the elasticity of a bent shaft and throw it in a slightly fly style tend to prefer a soft shaft, while a stiff shaft shakes a sharply and throws it in a liner, or makes a sound of water landing by hitting loosely. It seems to be popular with people who do not want to stand up as much as possible.
However, both soft and hard shafts have advantages and disadvantages. I often hear people say, "I wish it was a little more like this."
The soft shaft has the advantage that it can be cast long distances with a light force, but it also has the side that it is difficult to put the frame in the cup in the backpack. In addition, it is difficult to control the shaft because the shaft tends to twist when shaken, and this tendency becomes more pronounced as the shaft becomes longer.
The hard shaft has the advantage that it is easy to put together the frame and the twist is small, so it can be sprinkled with good control. However, the strain on the arm when swinging is heavy, and long-term fishing can cause considerable fatigue.
Hishaku shafts are difficult to use if they are too soft or too hard. Isn't it possible to extract the good parts of both the soft shaft and the hard shaft to make it easy to handle? Based on this concept, "Tournament Long Caster 2" worked on making the shaft.

shaft is hard at hand, soft at the tip, easy to put together, does not twist when shaking, can be driven with good control, and does not put a burden on the body. The answer that Daiwa came up with to realize such an ideal was the shaft design that "the grip area is hard and the cup area is soft".
By making the area around the grip harder, it is easier to compress the frame in the bag and it is less likely to fall apart in the air. In addition, since the twist when shaken is suppressed, the firming to the pinpoint is also well controlled.
Even so, the area around the soft cup becomes firm, so you can cast long distances by taking advantage of the elasticity of the shaft. The burden on the body has been greatly reduced while giving a firm feeling of swinging.
This is a comment from Takaaki Tanaka, who was involved in the development of "Tournament Long Caster 2".
"A hard shaft has high throwing accuracy, but it gets tired. A soft shaft flies well, but it is difficult to scoop up Komase, and the throwing accuracy is not good. People who feel that it is difficult to use even a shaft that is easy for me to handle because each person has a different way of swinging. So, I compared a number of samples and searched for a shaft balance that matched any way of swinging. Even if I shake it off from the top or throw it lightly underneath, the frame will fly comfortably. "
Masuyo" "Tournament Long Caster 2" has achieved excellent long-distance casting performance and injection accuracy by eliminating the weak points of existing shafts.
It is one that corresponds to various coma sework.

Tournament Long Caster II
size Overall length
Cup capacity
36-650 655 16
36-750 755 16
36-850 855 16
40-650 660 20
40-750 760 20
40-850 860 20