Daiwa TP Day Pack (C)

By Daiwa

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  • Made from products and with a structure that is strong against water
  • Made with PVC tarpaulin that is resistant to rain and water splashes
  • The opening section (flap style design) reduces the water that might get inside from rain and water splashes
  • Cushion to reduce stress (Back Mesh Pad)
  • Mesh Pad also reduces weight to the hips
  • Rain resistant front pocket 
  • Seamless design (welded together)
  • The main panel is not sewn but is joined by welding to improve the water resistance.
  • Belt at the side to hold rod and rod cases, belt and D loop can also hold other small items.
  • Belt and D ring on shoulder strap that can hold mobile phones and other small items


Model Name Colour Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
15 B.CM Black Camo 14x27x43
25 B.CM Black Camo 14x34x48