DAIWA Waterproof unit case UC-P series

By Daiwa

Protects tension and small items from water. Waterproof accessory case that can be freely combined

  • Clean storage waterproof case (simple waterproof specification)
  • Can be used on both sides by connecting another one. Free combination. Shallow bottom type and deep bottom type joints are also possible. Of course, it can also be jointed with the unit case (UC-JR, UC-DR).
  • A transparent pig whose contents can be seen at a glance
  • Effortlessly take out R bottom
  • Palm-sized round shape
  • Full items that you can choose according to your taste
  • Color: Clear Green, Clear Smoke, Clear Red


* 600DP is magnetic and has 6 sections

*300DP has 3 sections

* Both have deep bottom design to store more items

*M- magnetic, N- non magnetic