Decoy Rolling Blade Willow Leaf BL-6

By Decoy

Decoy Rolling Blade Willow Leaf BL-6 has been premade with a high rotational ball bearing swivel and can be rigged onto various lures such as a plug (stickbait), jig head, spinner bait, frog etc. Flashing, bubbles and wave effects of blades when used both in fresh or salt have gained more attention in recent years. Using blades will significantly increase bite rates. 


● Bait like silver and gold colour has been adopted to appeal more  when fishing in muddy water 
● Decoy original logo

●High strength and high rotational ball bearing swivel.
●Large ring that doesn't interfere blade action. 

●Size: #3 

●Colour: Silver, Gold 

●Pieces Per Pack: 2