Dress Aluminum Pliers

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The rubber grip with DRESS logo is attached to the grip and it is hard to slip even with wet hands! 

● Weight is ultra lightweight with aluminum alloy body ! Weight is 150g! 
 ● The tip parts adopt rust-resistant stainless steel material + titanium coating! 
● Tungsten steel adopted Easy cut of PE line! 
● Convenient split ring opener for hook replacement! 
● Fall prevention lanyard & carabiner included

DRESS Aluminum Plier

7.4 inch DRESS Alminum pliers Rubber-handle slim type

Fishing enthusiasts Fishing pliers are a very useful Benri fishing tool by fishing and removing needles from fish and cutting lines.

Unlike tool pliers, customized for ease of use only for fishing.

DRESS adopts red color and centers the black parts center on both sides of the DRESS ball logo laser marking! The 
tip claws are rust-resistant stainless steel material + titanium coating. 
The line cutter adopts tungsten steel and the PE line is also easily cut! 
Convenient split ring opener for hook exchange corresponds to ring inner diameter of 2.65 mm or more! 
Fall prevention lanyards + carabiner included!


※ The tip parts and the line cutter can be removed using a hexagonal wrench (2 mm).

■ Material: 
· Body / Aluminum alloy 
· Line cutter / Tungsten steel 
· tip / stainless steel material + titanium coating 
· grip / rubber

■ Size: about 188 mm (7.4 inches) 
Weight ■: about 150 g