DRESS Derringer 3.2 Fish Grip


This is a stylish compact landing tool that has evolved the "Derringer", which has the motif of a small self-defense pistol, to make it easier to grip and use.

Equipped with the same 6mm-thick claw (claw) as our fish grip "Grasper", it can be used not only for bass and trout, but also for various targets such as rock fish and small blue fish.

The claw part is designed so that it will not open unless you pull the trigger, so you do not have to worry that the target will come off accidentally.
In addition, the upper claw (upper claw) adopts a "unicorn type" with large corners, allowing smooth landing even when the fish mouth is closed.
A lanyard ring that is convenient for mounting spiral cords and carabiner is installed behind the grip.



■Size: 204mm (total length)
■Weight: Approx. 105g
■Claw maximum opening size: Approx. 29mm
■Claw thickness: Approx. 6mm


Body, Claw: Aluminum
grip, Trigger: Glass fiber reinforced resin


  • Stealth Black
  • Crimson Red
  • Shining Gold
  • Ocean Blue