Dress Grasper Gradius Fish Lip Grip


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"GLADIUS" is a fish grip that inherited the concept of GRASPER Heavy , realized low price by changing the production method and reducing the number of parts. 

Heat gradation plating is applied to the nail and the stopper dial, and it is also concerned with the decoration. 
By increasing the thickness of the grip, compactifying the rear lanyard ring makes it easier to grasp and handle in a more manageable shape.

■ Total length: 
· about 198 mm (at the time of folding) 
· about 297 mm (at the time of full opening)

■ Claw maximum opening size: about 30 mm 
■ thickness of claw: about 6 mm

Weight ■: Approx 230 g

■ Material: 
· Claw: Aluminum alloy 
· Main plate: Aluminum alloy 
· Grip plate: Aluminum alloy 
· Stopper dial: Aluminum alloy 
· Trigger: Glass fiber filled reinforced resin

■ Colours Available 
【Wine Red】