DRESS Kydex Plier Holder for Derringer 3.2


"Kydex" is an excellent material created to store survival knives and real guns used by top American hunters.
Holsters and knife sheaths made from this "Kydex" are used in all hunting and combat scenes around the world due to their functionality and design.

DRESS has created a storage holder exclusively for the fish grip "Derringer 3.2" using this traditional material "Kydex".
Comfortable storage that snaps into place and exquisite holding power that can be taken out quickly and quickly.
Please enjoy the functionality of the waist, shoulders, vest, bag, etc., regardless of the mounting position, and the stylish appearance that tickles the man's heart when the Derringer 3.2 is delivered.

Can be installed horizontally / vertically ● Ambidextrus specifications. Both right-handed and left-handed can be used without discomfort.
● 3way specification, can be attached to the waist in either vertical or horizontal orientation. It can also be attached to the shoulder of a floating game vest. 

This product is a Kydex holder designed exclusively for Derringer 3.2 .
Made with the motif of holsters and knife sheaths used in American hunters and military, it is possible to quickly put in and take out while holding it securely.
The holder can be attached like a handgun holster on the waist and shoulders.

■ Material: Kydex
* In the hunting and military industry, this material is used as a cover for storing knives and other knives.
It is a lightweight and sturdy material that is also excellent in waterproofness and can withstand use in harsh environments.
It is also useful for hunters and divers because it is resistant to low temperatures and easy to remove dirt.

■ Compatible models
Derringer 3.2

■ Corresponding belt width: up to about 45 mm

■ Weight: Approximately 96g