Dress Reel Stand Origin (Daiwa Hexagonal Handle Shaft Model)


The reel stand is attached to the reel and prevents the reel and line from being damaged when the rod is placed on the ground.

The lure can be managed safely by hooking the hook to the hook keeper at the end of the reel stand origin.
In addition, a line stopper is also provided, which makes it possible to hold only with lures and threads without hooks.

You can insert chemical glow sticks (φ4.5mm)” into the main body, so you can use it for night time fishing to check the reel position.
From the side slits and tip, the light of the chemical glow stick overflows and is customized to a reel with a fantastic atmosphere.

It is recommended for people who want to prevent important reels from being damaged or who want to customize fashionably!


  • Titanium Silver
  • Gold
  • Rainbow
  • Wine Red
  • Black


■ Compatible models: DAIWA (1000-3000 series)
, Emeraldas (16)
, Emeraldas Infeet
, Emeraldas MX (16)
, Emeraldas MX (10)
, Infeet Emeraldas
, Exceler (17)
, Exceler ( 14)
, Caldia (09)
, Caldia KIX
, Freams (15)
, Freams (11)
, Freams KIX
, Legalis (18)
, Revros (15)
, Revros MX
, Crest (16)
・ Presso Iprimi
・ Plaiso (16)
・ Plaiso (10)
・ Triso (16)
・ Triso (13)
・ Silver Wolf (15)
・ Silver Wolf (12)
・ Silver Wolf (09)


* Depending on the model, there may be a gap between the reel body.
* Models not listed in the correspondence table are not verified or cannot be installed.