FCL Labo CSP S220 Floating Stickbait



FCL Labo CSP S220 F Floating Stickbait

* Lures are not rigged, photos are for colour illustration purposes

The FCL Labo CSP S220 F is a highly effective floating stickbait that is easy to work. With a host of great captures to its name it is no wonder its a personal favorite of many anglers worldwide. The chiseled face on the CSP helps the lure dig in and swim with a irresistible action. Long slow sweeps, fast twitches and rips all work great. It can also generate a skittering action when worked fast on the surface. Even on a straight retrieve the CSP will wobble seductively side to side enticing Kingfish and GT's to take a bite. Proven from the Great Barrier Reef to Socotra and the topwater kingfish heaven that is Tauranga, the CSP S220 F is definitely a must have in the kit!

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 220mm

Weight: 100g