Gamakatsu Aldena


With a wide lineup, it supports all fishing methods.


NANOALLOY (R) (Nano Alloy (R)) 

Toray's unique innovative microstructure control technology that enables dramatic improvements in properties compared to conventional materials by finely dispersing multiple polymers on the order of nanometers.


A carbon material developed by Toray Industries, Inc. for next-generation aerospace that boasts the world's highest class tensile strength and is highly strong and highly elastic.

A solid top (joint with tubular) is used for Nos. 0 to 3.
"IM" carbon frame SIC guide is used for No. 0 to 3.
Non-stick processing is used for 0-Expedition No. 5 and Kae No. 3 and 4.

Super Top II 

Developed with the aim of further increasing strength while pursuing delicacy and sensitivity. In our involvement experiment, we have achieved about 1.7 times the strength of "SUPER TOP". It is a next-generation solid top that has a higher level of suppleness, sensitivity, and delicacy.

* The photo is bent for shooting. It may be damaged if it is damaged or if the load exceeds the limit. Please be careful not to get involved.

Advanced actual fishing performance
that breaks new ground- "Ardena" is located in the middle, which is an intermediate balance in the Gamaiso positioning map. While inheriting the traditional gama tone that bends and sticks, we have realized an almighty tone with no habit. By adopting the carbon fiber "TORAYCA (R) T1100G", which boasts the highest class tensile strength, in all models, we succeeded in reducing the weight of the rod tip compared to the conventional one while maintaining the strength and tension in the blanks. In addition, a lightweight CIM guide is used for Fukase type Nos. 0 to 3. The synergistic effect of "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" and the CIM guide has realized an overwhelming light swing tone that seems to remind you of a tip tone rod. Therefore, the operability is dramatically improved, and if a fish hangs, it will firmly enter the body and catch the fish. All models use screw type reel seats, so they have excellent reel holding power.

No. 0

Although it is a soft rod that bends with the whole rod when a fish hangs, it is a model with moderate tension and good lead. Since the tame works, it floats without making Chinu rampage.

No. 0.6

The blanks, which boast high operability while maintaining the appropriate flexibility to absorb the tataki peculiar to chinu, are compatible with all fishing methods and can easily float even large chinu.

No. 1

It is a tone suitable for delicate approach with fine Harris by fusing tension and stickiness at a high level. Ideal for thick-mouthed blackfish and large black sea bream.

No. 1.25

A series of movements up to hanging the fish can be done lightly, and after hanging, the power of the body floats the guigui fish. We can handle all sizes of blackfish, and up to 45 cm for long tails.

No. 1.5

Although it is delicate, it has the power to float even large grays. We can handle large-sized blackfish to 50 cm class blackfish.

No. 1.75

Designed with Onagagure as the main target. It has both light operability and tough stickiness that can be floated even with a tail length of over 50 cm.

No. 2

A versatile rod for large fish that can be used from near seas to expeditions. Even with a large 60 cm class tail length gray, the fish are floated by the stickiness of the rod instead of being screwed down by force.

No. 3

A rod that demonstrates its power in remote island expeditions. It has the power to challenge a head-to-head game even for huge tail length gray and blue fish over 60 cm.

Expedition 4

Targets large fish up to 10 kg. The tough and tenacious waist makes it easy to float large fish. It is also suitable for the fishing method.

Expedition No. 5

Developed for large fish over 10 kg. It is a rod that realizes the dream fishing that every fine master longs for. It is also suitable for the fishing method.

Long cast S3

With its light operability, it is ideal for aiming at red sea bream, grunt, gray, white-eye, etc.

Long cast S3.5

Power is fused with light operability. Ideal for aiming at large red sea bream, large gray sea bream, and medium-sized blue sea bream.

Long cast S4

Widely supports large fish such as large blue fish and large tail length gray. The sticky waist of the torso allows you to deal with unexpected big things with plenty of room.

Long cast B3.5

A model that pursues long-distance casting performance. Ideal for aiming at large red sea bream, large gray sea bream, and medium-sized blue sea bream.

Long cast B4

A model that pursues long-distance casting performance. It supports a wide range of large fish such as large blue fish and large tail length gray.

Kae No. 3

Balanced design of delicacy and power. You can respond head-on to the pull of the car.

Kae No. 4

A rod with the power to take the initiative and take it in quickly. We can handle even large cars without difficulty.

  • CIM guide (carbon frame IM guide) setting (No. 0 to 3 Fukase type only)

    By making the carbon frame and SIC ring elliptical and inclined, we pursued reduction of thread rattling and good thread passage. The TOP guide also has a structure that makes it difficult for the line to wrap around. A foot height free guide is mounted on the upper part of the base to build a guide system with excellent total balance.