Gamakatsu Iseama Ring Eye Gold Hook


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The most widely used ISO hook is the Gamakatsu Hook 5 in gold. By popular demand, the hook serves its anglers well from all species of fish from luderick up to kingfish when ISO fishing. Unlike most Japanese hooks this model has an eyelet making it easy to tie. Chemically sharpened, strong and small the Gamakatsu Hook 5 is the most popular hook by ISO anglers in Australia and is the most widely used. 

Please note the hook gets larger as the size gets larger.

Brief chart of which size to use for which fish species:

Fish species Recommended sizes
Luderick/Blackfish 5 - 7
Bream & silver trevally 7 - 10 
Black drummer 8 - 13 
Kingfish 12 & 13
Snapper  9 - 13