Gamakatsu Master Model II Gure (Kuchibuto)


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Equipped with the latest technologies while inheriting the history of Gamakatsu ISO rods 

The Attender II was the previous model to the new master model, which adopted a separate grip for a slender and thick design and was equipped with a super active suspension design. The fusion of PCS (Power Cross System) and "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" was the catalyst for making a leap forward from here. The weakness of the slender design, which is vulnerable to blank twisting, has been overcome by suppressing twisting with PCS. Even when a heavy load is applied, the rod does not shake and it is possible to treat it beautifully while catching fish. In addition, the dull swinging feeling that is often found on rods is reduced by using T1100G carbon, and the rod is relatively easy to operate. Above all, the strongest strength of "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" makes it possible to make it as slim as possible, resulting in a very tenacious tone. All models of reel seats use screw seats. The reel can be firmly fixed. The reel seat area is made of rubber, so it is not slippery and can be gripped firmly.
Comes with a balancer weight butt plug that can be used properly according to the intended use. (Replacement butt plug: 21.5g, Standard butt plug: 5.5g. 

The Gamakatsu Master Model II Gure (Kuchibuto) series are the lighter drummer model from sizes 1 or 1.25. 

See the chart below for the corresponding strength for the models. Note that all gure models are highlighted in orange and the Onaga models and strengths are highlighted in red

Product specifications

Product Code Type Length (m)
Weight (g) Closed Length (cm) Material used (%)
Sections Tip diameter (mm) Butt Diameter (mm) Weight load (No.) Appropriate Line (No.) JAN code
22069 M 5.0
223 110.5 C99.4 G0.6
Five 0.75 16.7 1-3 1-2.75 4549018471410
22069 M 5.3 
235 117.0 C99.4 G0.6
Five 0.75 16.7 1-3 1-2.75 4549018471427
22070 MH 5.0
230 110.5 C99.5 G0.5
Five 0.8 16.7 1-4 1-3 4549018471434
22070 MH 5.3 
240 117.0 C99.4 G0.6
Five 0.8 17.2 1-4 1-3 4549018471441
C = carbon fiber, G = glass fiber
* The rod uses epoxy resin.