Gamakatsu Wind Stopper (R) Tournament Gloves (3 Pieces Cut) GM-7278


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  • By temporarily storing the spare hook in the magnet hook system on the instep, you can easily replace the hook. 
  • "Windstopper (R) Fabrics" is used for the main body fabric, which has moderate stretch performance and maintains windproofness and breathability at a high level. Even in cold climates, it does not lower the body temperature and firmly prevents stuffiness caused by sweat. 
  • By draping the curve of the finger (gradation cut), we have realized a shape that is easy to grip and does not get tired. 
  • The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are short types that are shorter than the second joint so that the fingertips can be easily washed after feeding.


  • <Instep> 85% nylon, 15% polyurethane (ePTFE laminate)
  • <Palm> Synthetic leather (65% polyurethane, 35% nylon)
  • <Finger crotch> 83% polyester, 17% polyurethane
    Function: Gradient cut, wind stopper (R) )


  • M
  • L
  • LL
  • 3L


  • Black/Red
  • Black/Gold

Fit is important under any circumstances. Furthermore, we are particular about the combination with the fabric so that it can freely follow the movement of the hand.