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  • Hitena Airbraid Silky 200m
  • Hitena Airbraid Silky 200m


Hitena Airbraid Silky 200m

AUD $110.00

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Hitena is a top end braid line built for casting applications with a round profile. It is one of the highest quality PE lines in the market and highly recommended by many of the top professional Japanese anglers.

The brand new Air-Braid Technology has allowed Hitena to create a thinner and stronger line with more braids with the highest quality materials to create a line that would have otherwise been impossible.

The Hierarchy of the celebrated Hitena lines go as listed with Alpha being the lowest and Legend being the highest.

1. Legend

2. Extreme

3. Smart

4. Silky

5. Pureline

6. Raptor

7. Alpha

Hitena's premium line range has been made using the newest innovations of the latest technology to introduce a range of lines that has grabbed the attention of many top professional fisherman from Korea and Japan.

The second lowest of Hitena's premium line range "Raptor" is said to have superior performance in 8 of 9 fields when compared to the highly praised Daiwa 12-Braid line and the YGK D-Tex, making it much more affordable without sacrificing quality. 

Through expertise, experimentation and various tests, the creator of Hitena's lines has created a plethora of lines that offer various advantages at competitive prices. With a variety of tests being performed, Hitena has released a chart that shows the results to variety of tests they conducted when creating their lines.

Comparison of Hitena's premium line range vs Japan's Top 2 lines (Daiwa 12 Braid (¥8,500) and YGK's D-Tex (¥12,000)

1. Price - YGK D-TEX > Legend  = Stark > Daiwa 12 Braid > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline > Raptor > Alpha

2. Strength - Legend = Stark > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline > Raptor > Alpha > YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid

3. Abrasiveness (Resistance to damage) - Legend > Extreme > Stark > Pureline = Raptor > Smart = Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid

4. Consistency of line (Life-Expectancy) - Legend > Extreme > Stark > Smart > Pureline = Raptor > Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid

5. Castability - Legend = Stark > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline >Raptor > Alpha > YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid

6. Anti-Bedding - Legend = Stark > Smart > Extreme > Pureline > Raptor > Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid

7. Roundness/Hardness - Legend > Stark > Smart > Extreme > Pureline > Raptor > Silky = Alpha = YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid

8. Noisiness (Noisiest to most Silent) - Legend > Stark > Extreme > Raptor > Pureline > Smart > Silky > YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid > Alpha

9. Water resistance (Line Coating Quality) - Legend ~ Alpha > YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid



  • Micro-braid technology keeps the line as thin as possible, as strong as possible and as abrasive as possible.
  • New spinning technology allows for increased casting distance even when compared to the highest quality PE lines on the market.
  • Maximised abrasion resistance through tight braid technology.
  • High quality materials guarantee a longer "wear-&-tear" life.
  • Airbraid Technology only uses materials manufactured from special spinning technology of Polefin which increases the strength by 10% when compared to regular braid material
  • The Polefin technology processes allows for the line diameter to be 20% thinner than standard braid line
  • Superior finish coating which allows for excellent abrasion resistance that surpasses the other top tier brands in the market and also supports smooth casting through guides with minimal resistance


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