Hitena Soft Worm Hook HA66302

By Hitena

HITENA is a top end brand that aims to create the highest quality products to ensure the best possible fishing experience for all it’s users. HITENA has allowed their products to do all the talking and with that, became acknowledged as a premium brand in both Korea and Japan. HITENA constantly strives for innovative technological progress that will advance the limits of the equipment used for fishing. The technologies that are researched are "never before seen concepts" in the field of fishing and these concepts include, Airbraid, Polefin, new stainless alloys, Devil line technology and many more. Previous boundaries have been surpassed through the use of these new technologies to create a whole new level of capabilities that regular fishing gear simply couldn’t reach. 
HITENA is highly recommended for all anglers who seek the ultimate fishing experience using high quality gear.


HITENA's Soft Worm Hook is a high quality hook guaranteed to stay sharper for longer.

The high tenacity type hook is exactly as the name suggests, it can withstand an astounding amount of pressure before bending or breaking and also has amazing sharpness paralleled by very few, if any, hooks currently available.