Hots Awabi Sheet XS Eging


Carved from abalone shell, these shell sheets not only attract squid, they protect your squid jig cloth from being ripped open by the beak of an aggressive squid. Cut the abalone sheet into triangles and stick the sheet onto the back of your egi lure.Take a look at any well used squid jig, you will notice that there are bite marks on it. This is caused by squid picking at it with their hard beaks, the bigger the bite marks the more attractive this is for the squid, as it appears to the squid as a weak spot or a wound in it's preys skin. These shell sheets appear to the squid as a weak spot or a wound on the squid jig.

The sheet size is XS

Colours available:

NZ Paua Abalone Natural, NZ Paua Abalone Black, Japanese Abalone-A Glow, NZ Paua Pink, NZ Paua Abalone Orange

*Please note that UV colours do not represent the colour of the sheets*