Hots Keiko Ocean Popper 150g 235mm


KEIKO OCEAN POPPER is a Pencil Popper which inherits the appealing know-how cultivated by KEIKO OCEAN against Big fishes. The popper floats at an oblique angle, close to vertical, to the surface and makes splash on the surface by pushing the water, as well as dives under the surface. With this popper, you can make various actions at will depending on your jerking.

KEIKO OCEAN POPPER provides an excellent castability due to its body shape and is a very effective lure for casting game targeting various big fishes including Kingfish and Tuna. The popper has a strong body since a wire is pierced through its body. The popper is made of a natural high-floating wood with less unequalness of specific gravity, and is handmade by Hideyuki Tanaka, a master craftsman of handmade lure.

 Same 1.6mm wire in diameter & swivel method as GT plugs is used for 185mm model.
● Same 2.0mm wire in diameter & swivel method as GT plugs is used for 235mm model.
● All items of KEIKO OCEAN POPPER are Hookless model.

[Recommended hook]
185mm: Heavy Wire Treble Hook: size #2/0
235mm: Heavy Wire Treble Hook: size #4/0 or #5/0

※Notice: There are slight differences in the buoyancy and the weight due to being made of a natural wood.
※Only simple packaging is available.

Comes in 2 Different Sizes

  • 185mm/80g
  • 235mm/150g