CLEARANCE - Hots Tide Bait Sardine 47g 150F

$25.45 $50.95

The ideal lure for chasing kingfish, bonito, salmon and tuna with a medium to medium heavy set up.

The Tide Bait. Sardine" is designed mainly for Kingfish and Tuna
The jerking lure “Tide Bait Sardine” which is made of rigid foam, is a 15cm floating-type lure. The dives in from upright and floating position after jerking, interacts well with water and lures the target with irregular action.

  • Wire through body
  • Irregular action
  • Tail down position
  • Floating type

Suitable Hook: Cultiva ST-66 #2/0
Length: 150mm

Weight: approx. 47g (unrigged)