IFL Intermediate Ajing Combo

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Package Includes: 

RodJS Company Nixx Rocker 732UL $259
ReelDaiwa Freams LT 2000S $249
LineThirty34Four Pinky #0.4 1.6lb $29
LeaderThirty34Four Joint Line #0.8 3.2lb $18
JigheadThirty34Four Diamond Head 0.8g, 1.5g x1 each $15
Decoy Mini Drive 1.2g x1 $6.50
Soft PlasticThirty34Four Plankton 1.8" x2 packs $16 
Total $592.50 > $549

Ajing is a specialised style of fishing that has gained a lot of recent popularity in Japan and Korea. It's using ultra light tackle targeting yellowtail (Aji) on small soft plastics or lures such as jigs but in Australia you will catch a range of species like tailor, bream, flathead, trevally, pike and whiting etc. 

We've created the perfect combo for anglers who want to give Ajing a proper shot but want a better quality package than the IFL Beginner Combo so we have upgraded both rod and reel. 

IFL Ajing Tips: 

When you first get to the spot, you need to search the entire water column to find where the fish are feeding. Cast in all different directions, out far and always don't forget to try just at your feet. Work the jighead as soon as it hits the water to target surface feeders or focus on the bottom when not active on surface. Once you get one, yellowtail tend to school up in the same area so always cast where you got hit. There are many ways to work soft plastics for yellowtail. A simple basic slow roll works well in most conditions but when they're shut down, a few twitches on rod (so the tail of soft plastic will jump around) is great to get fish more active. 

For jigheads we tend to use the lightest possible but with areas where there is strong wind or current, we use heavier jigheads hence why there are 3 packs with different weights in this combo. Match according to conditions and bite patterns. 

Brief guide to using jigheads: 

0.4-1g when yellowtail are feeding on surface, low wind and current

1-1.5g all rounder for most conditions

1.5-2.5g strong wind, current or when you specifically want to target bottom feeders