Jinkai Crimping Tool

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Jinkai Crimping pliers are ideal to use for crimping leaders, line, wire etc. 

If you are looking for a crimping plier tool to crimp your leaders or crimp fishing lines or wire then The jinkai crimping tool is one of the best in the industry.

Jinkai crimping pliers have 3 different sized crimping holes and will generally be able to work with crimps upto around 2.0mm Or if using Jinkai brand Crimps the jinkai crimping pliers will work to the following jinkai crimp specifications.

Crimp compatable with Jinkai Crimps 40lb - 120lb line (rear hole)

Crimp compatable with Jinkai Crimps 150lb (middle hole)

Crimp compatable with Jinkai Crimps 200lb -500lb (front hole)


  • Jinkai Crimping pliers will crimp upto 2.0mm crimps
  • Jinkai crimping plier tool will crimp jinkai crimps rated 40lb to 500lb
  • Quality Japanese brand - Made in Japan