Jinkai Leader

By Jinkai

Born out of a love for fishing, a driving commitment to quality, and a genius for technical innovation, JINKAI is a wholly unique and superior fishing line, representing a breakthrough in monofilament technology. All monofilament lines may look somewhat similar, but the formulations and techniques used in their manufacture produce widely varying results, evidenced in actual performance. As all great fishermen know, a trophy fish will test the line to its maximum potential, and JINKAI is up to that test every time. The dynamic patented process by which JINKAI is produced and precise blending of just the right nylons are the secrets that have unleashed a line with extraordinary capabilities. As the line is extruded, nylon molecules are polarized to maintain a soft center with a tight outer surface. This allows JINKAI to remain sensitive and responsive, yet provides incomparable toughness and strength in micro-fine diameters.The result is an unbeatable combination of the most ideal qualities. • Powerful tensile and knot strength • Perfect softness and sensitivity • Low stretch for greater control • Unequaled resistance to abrasion • Minimal change from dry to wet test strength • Impressively small diameters and greater reel-fill capacity


The Jinkai Plus Monofilament Leader has been made slightly stiffer than the standard Jinkai leaders in order to increase abrasion resistance for targeting larger fish and reef species such as amberjack, kingfish and GT.