JS Company Bixod N R3


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 Development concept



With an increase in leisure fishing, a natural increase in public interest in fishing for rockfish and  rockfish fishing rod and it was necessary to develop rod with wide range users with different skill level. We found the most comfortable form which can be obtained from nature is shape of an Egg which was incorporated in designing of the grip minimize fatigue for all day comfort.



With emphasis on minimalism we omitted unnecessary bells and whistle and kept it simple.






 Product Specifications



1. The blank material: Helix SNM 1000 + Ultra High Carbon(40 tons)



-    Helix SNM strengthens pressure and impact weakness of high carbon sheet. Helix SNM amplifies strong and solid physical properties of the compressive strength, and impact strength.




2. Blank structure (mechanism)






- Helical core structure binds and holds the different materials together to form a strong blank to maximize the instantaneous torque and enables a confident hook set.






-    From the helical core (2 axis) it combines three-axis ultra-high modulus CLOTH to prevent the micro gaps of the fine fibers. This Hex Cross process increases the sensitivity and strength to decrease fatigue and enjoy all day comfort.







(1) FUJI SIC Titanium guides



- Titanium frame and SIC ring guides achieves ultra-low friction to reduce drag and increase ultra sensitivity.






- Durable EVA non-slip rubber grip.



(3) FUJI Spinning reel seat (NON SLIP RUBBER FINISH)



- FUJI IPS spinning reel seat + KDPS16 / ASH IC COLOR HOOD



(4) two-tone anodized aluminum



(5) Portable, waterproof, high quality hard case




R322s (S752UL)



With versatility in mind and the tubular tip that can transfer tiniest nibble.



Tubular rod with 1mm in diameter, very thin and soft tip with tight flex blank to minimize wobbliness.Variety of species such as rockfish, mackerel, etc.








 Item Length (mm) Piece   Closed Length (mm)  Lure wt (g)  Line wt (PE) Tip Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Weight (g) Carbon  Taper  
 R312s(S732UL)  2,200  2  1,125 0.3 ~ 7  0.2 ~ 0.6  1.0  9.4 74  99%  Fast  
 R322s(S752UL)  2,250  2  1,150 0.5 ~ 8  0.3 ~ 0.8  1.0  9.5 77  99%  Fast  
 R322CST(S752UL)  2,250  2  1,150 0.5 ~ 8  0.3 ~ 0.8  1.0  9.5 77  99%  Fast  
 R313s(S782L)  2,330  2  1,190 0.6 ~ 10  0.3 ~ 1.0  1.1  10.8 80  99%  Fast
Made in KOREA