Kamiwaza Dual PE Stick Plus


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Kamiwaza Dual PE Stick PLUS features:

  • High Portability it is convenient to carry because it is a 2in1 type to take out from inside.
  • Knot Strengthener 
    To strengthen the knot of the line, simply take out the one stored in main unit and use it together. Wrap lines tightly so that it doesn’t slip
  • Tripple Rubber Adoption. Using three rubber threads in the threaded portion, by wrapping the line and leader around this part, it is possible to create more stroger knots.
  •  Can be used as a line breaker. When using it as a line breaker, wrap the line sufficiently around the main body, apply tension, pull back with both hands 


■ Size: 135mm x 30mm 
■ Colour: Gunmetal,  Blue
■ Material: Aluminum and rubber