Kizakura Super Slim Chine ISO Stem Float


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The Kizakura Super Slim Chine ISO stem float as the name suggest is a super slim design which allows your float to get less affected by the swell. Particular useful when you are fishing the wash just at your feet and the drifting qualities of the ISO float are not necessary, The high visibility of the tip also allows for easy visual bite detection especially when the sun glare is heavy.

A chemical glow stick or led battery light can be inserted at the top of the tip which allows for easy transition into night fishing or pre-dawn fishing into sunrise.


Size Length Own weight
0.5 410 mm 13.3 g
0.8 440 mm 440 mm 16.0 g
470 mm 1.0 17.4 g
500 mm 1.5 17.9 g
500 mm * 2.0 21.8 g
560 mm * 3.0 17.0 g


* chemical glow sticks or led battery lights cannot be inserted to these models