Livre Custom Double Handle - Wing 98 (WD-98-FS2 Shimano Compatible)

By Livre

he Wing 98 is a double handle custom knob which is perfectly balanced for reduced side to side movement. It is 98mm in length between the knobs.

The main plate is made from a 3D cutting machine with high precision using a 15 mm block of ultra duralumin (A 7075)

* Compatible with nearly all Shimano spinning & LBD reels with few exceptions (If unsure of compatibility please enquire with us beforehand)


Product name Manufacturer type Pitch (mm) Weight (g) Product No
Shimano S2 51.2 WD 98 - FS 2
Daiwa 50.5 WD 98 - FD 1
Wing 98 Shimano S3 98mm 51.2 WD 98 - FS 3
Daiwa DS (right) 53.8 WD 98 - FDR
Daiwa DS (left) 53.8 WD 98 - F이
Shimano S1 51.1

WD 98 - FS1


Colour Combination

Main plate Skirt Titanium knob Center nut Aluminum knob collar Knob end cap
Gun Metal Gun Metal Silver Gold Gold Gun Metal
Gun Metal Gun Metal Red Red Gun Metal