Maria Legato stickbait F190

By Maria

The latest addition to Maria's popular topwater stickbait lures for 2021, the Legato F190. Designed as a stickbait that's easy to swim with a simple straight retrieve or wind and twitch to keep the fish interested. The action presented by the Legato is a tight, rolling and flashing action when they are not active and not responding to pauses. With bright and calm days in mind the legato is effective when the fish are also shut down and is a key lure to keep in the arsenal. 

Following on from the success of the casting system on the Maria Boar and Maria Duckdive the Legato also has the weight moving system to maximise casting abilities. 

The shape of the body with the dimpled sides works well with high speed retrieves causing irregular sliding action to entice the attack from pelagics. 

Recommended set up

Rod: 10ft with a maximum casting range of 100grams
Reel: Shimano 8000~14000 & Daiwa 8000~14000 in a H or XH gear ratio 
PE line: PE4~5 
Leader: Shock leader 60~100lbs 
Recommend treble hooks: 2/0 
Recommended single hooks: 4~7 grams (Shout Single Kudako 4/0~50) 
Split ring: #7~#8 

Lure specs

Weight: 60grams 
Length: 190mm
Type: Floating