Maria Mucho Lucir 60g Jig

By Maria

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No need to retrieve this lure quick, versatile enough to just simply wind or jig.
・ Mucho Lucia is a reasonable casting jig that combines swimming action and flushing. The compact form of the jig has excellent distance castability, which is essential from the shore.
・ By action of water flow on the body, the lure is easy to work and swim. Not only for casting but also for offshore light jigging.
■ Equipped with a specially designed assist hook
-Equipped with a double assist hook + triple hook, excellent for hooking!
■ High brightness hologram
・ High-brightness hologram is used to give a high appeal to blue fish with a flashing effect.
■ High paint strength
・ It is difficult to peel off even if it hits an obstacle, and the brilliance of the hologram continues! It can be used with confidence in surf and rock ledges. 
size weight Front hook Rear hook
51 mm 18 g Single No. 11 Triple # 6
55mm 25g Single No. 11 Triple # 6
62 mm 35g Single No.13 Triple # 4
68 mm 45g Single No.13 Triple # 4
80 mm 60 g Single 15 Triple # 2