Maria Rapido 230mm 100g Floating Stickbait

By Maria

The latest stickbait by Maria Japan, the Rapido. The Rapido has an irregular rolling action that has an unique swimming action that is effective when there isn't much bait fish around or when the action is quiet. The lure has been designed for casting off the rocks for species such as salmon, bonito, kingfish, tuna and many more species.  Casting has been tested with the lure and can be casted up to a max of 80m from the shore.

Size: 160mm

Weight: 50 grams



[Normal Jerk]=Dive & Slalom swim action like bait fish.

[Short Jerk]=The balance of Rapido does not collapse.

[Twich]=Dog walk action and smooth diving action.

In speedy short jerk the lure swims under the surface.