Marufuji Hybrid ISO Fishing Line

$45.00 $50.00

Tested and highly recommend by the team at Isofishinglifestyle.

A unique hybrid ISO line by Marufuji featuring a nylon inner core and 4 strand PE outer shell creating the perfect hybrid ISO fishing line. Increased sensitivity is achieved with the new hybrid binding system with low strength and phenomenal abrasiveness through the outer braid wave and inner mono core.

The advantages of using his unique hybrid system:

  • Greater sensitivity due to the low stretch outer shell
  • Superb abrasive resistance compared to normal braid
  • Thinner than normal mono when compared to the same breaking strain
  • Easy to use
  • Less tangling due to the mono core
  • ST (Silk touch) coating
Size Diameter (mm) Breaking strain (lb)
0.8 0.148 7
1 0.165 8
1.5 0.205 12
2 0.235 16
2.5 0.26 20
3 0.285 24


Marufuji hybrid #2.5

Marufuji Hybrid #2.5