Marufuji Mark ST


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Marufuji ST MARK is the model in between F-PRIX(Semi Floating Line) and MEGA FLOAT(Floating Line). Unlike floating lines, the inside is full and doesnt have any air. Due to the weight, it makes this line semi-floating aswell. It features:

  • 30% stronger, and has both semi-floating and floating material useful in all conditions (e.g. Windy and Rough)
  • Pattern: 3m of ORANGE line then 2m of WHITE  
  • Blocks UV Rays with its unique coating
  • ST (Silk Touch) which is a powerful special surface material 
  • Outstanding Visibility 
Model Diameter Length 
2 0.235 200m
2.5 0.26 150m
3 0.285 150m
4 0.33 200m
5 0.37 200m