Massimo DP210 Handmade Diving Popper


Massimo are a handmade wooden lure made by Japanese lure maker "Hiroyuki Mashimo" in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been tested over many years specifically at monster Yellowtail Kingfish but will catch you all sorts of pelagic species such as Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Giant Trevally etc. 
Made with Paulownia wood for maximal performance and flotation, Massimo also feature a very hard resin finish, which make them very durable.
DP (Diving Popper) is a new model designed for kingfish, has a strong bubble trail and holds well in the roughest conditions. 


Size: 210mm 

Type: Diving Popper (Floating) 

Weight: 110grams 

Recommended Hooks: 

Recommended Split Rings: 

*Due to the lures made by natural wood, the weight may slightly differ