Mazume Life Vest MZXLJ-074

By Mazume

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The mazume Red Moon Life Jacket is a high-end model that incorporates the latest technology, materials, and ideas. This MZX tide mania life jacket is a second model that has generously poured that know-how. We propose excellent cost performance, rich features and MZX design here.

The first feature is that we have adopted the "waist harness system" without the crotch cord that has already been developed for the Red Moon Life Jacket! This is a system that you can easily fit by pulling the waist harness straps on both sides after wearing. You can also get the perfect fit by pulling the chest harness under the armpit. As a result, the load is distributed and the burden on the shoulders is reduced, so you can concentrate on fishing.

The classic MEIHO 3010 deep is placed in the front pocket, which is very useful for those who carry a lot of lures. A large pocket is also placed on the back side, and storage capacity is perfect! I am happy that accessories are included. A shoulder pouch and a drink holder that come in handy in the field are standard equipment. It is full of elements that allow you to fish for a long time.

There is no compromise to reduce costs. Please try making MZX products with your hands.



  • A chest pouch with a size that fits the iPhone8 plus. Since it has a thickness of 4.5 cm, it can also be used for storing digital cameras.
  • Pliers holder is standard equipment on the front of the right pocket
  • The side of the right pocket is designed to hold a fish grip
  • Comes with a removable PET bottle holder
  • The left pocket is doubled, and both are sized to hold the MEIHO3010 deep.
  • The right pocket is a size that MEIHO 3010 deep can enter
  • Large size back pocket (size feeling with two MEIHO3010 deep). For storing rain jackets and large boxes


  • Duck
  • Black x Lime
  • Black x White
  • Black x Blue
  • Red


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