Yamashita Egi Oh K Kuroshio Current Special 3.5 (New)


The Kuroshio current is a special series designed for big squid in strong current. 

One of the keywords for catching large squid in spring is "Kuroshio."

Kuroshio is a warm current that travels to the northeast of Japan and is a warm current that flows along the southern coast of Kyushu, Shikoku, Kii Peninsula, and Boso Peninsula through the Kyushu Tokara Strait. The water temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius in summer and 15 to 20 degrees Celsius even in winter, so it is necessary to consider the sea area and its influence in order to catch hot water squid.

The "Kuroshio Special" is a large-scaled colour with a strong awareness of "hot tide, full moon, and night", and the luminescent color "490 Glow", which is easy for squid to see, is designed on the side line of the main body. Imagine the bioluminescence of the krill and stimulate the visual sense of the big squid to turn on the predation switch. 

By applying a special coating to the Egui cloth, it is possible to minimize the possibility that the cloth will be cut off when fighting with a big squid.
In addition, since it has an appealing effect due to the fine glitter, it has both "strength" and "appeal".

The 490 glow, which is a luminescent colour that makes it easy to see squid born from ecological research, is reproduced with dot emission that imitates bioluminescence.
By combining it with the fluorescent red side line, it stimulates the visual sense of the big squid during the difficult winter, leading to a bite.

Eyes and feathers that make it easy to identify the type in a case where Egi are mixed.

Basic: Black eye
Deep: Red eye

Basic: Striped blade + Striped blade
Deep: Red blade + Striped blade

Egi King K's unique hydrofin stabilizes Egi's posture even under adverse conditions such as wind, waves, and swells, which are the great enemies in the cold season of Egging, and draws valuable opportunities.

Available in size 3.5 



Fall Speedapprox 3sec/