Nomad Design The Streaker Jig

$13.99 $17.99
By Nomad

The Streaker jig is a high pitch jig designed to be worked faster. It is perfect for yellowfin, Bluefin, amberjack and a variety of other Species. It has gained huge popularity in the 80-120g sizes in the NE Coast area when trying to mimic a sand eel when jigging striped bass and bluefin tuna. The sizes available mean you can fish this in shallow water for grouper and snapper, through to deep water for yellowtail, amberjacks and tuna.

Head Rigged with super strong assist hook. The Streaker is a faster jig, with the longer and slimmer profile sinking faster, making it ideal for deeper water or areas of increased water movement. Deadly on kingfish, yellowtail, tuna and other mid-water dwelling predators.

The jigs come fitted with super strong and super sharp BKK jig assist hooks matched perfectly to the size of the jig and are ready to fish straight out of the packet.

Model Jig Style Weight Pre Rigged with Assist
The Streaker 40g High Pitch 1.5oz yes
The Streaker 60g High Pitch 2oz yes
The Streaker 80g High Pitch 3oz yes
The Streaker 120g High Pitch 4oz yes
The Streaker 200g High Pitch 7oz yes
The Streaker 320g High Pitch 10.5oz yes