Shimano Ocea Jigger MX4 PE Jigging Line

By Shimano

New PE line specializing in slow jigging

Merit of MX method

It is difficult to unravel the fibers, leading to improved durability.
Tension texture prevents troubles.


High sensitivity/high operability

With a load of 2 kg applied by slow jigging, elongation of about 1.7%. (Compared to No. 0.6, in-house test result)
Underwater information is easily transmitted and high sensitivity is achieved.
In the actual fishing test, not only low elongation but also high resilience was confirmed. Experience the speed of the "jig return" after jerk and the improved operation feeling.

■ The line body is impregnated with a special silicone material. Repels water and improves thread separation.
■Marker-less specification with slow jigginger (single color of lime green)