Palms Metal Witch F Series

$299.00 $349.00

Metal witch are a series of shallow water jigging rods. Built for 4 different species of game fish such as cutlass, snapper, bluerunners and fluke. Each rod was designed for maximum enjoyment while fishing for your desired target.

The F series uses Alconite guides as an alternative to the SIC guides used in the quest series whilst maintaining the same carbon rod blanks as the quest series to create a more affordable rod without sacrificing quality.

This is a middle power setting of Slow & Fall series. It is a light tapered but has enough power to cope with deep water or fast current. The powerful tip can move the light weight jigs widely to highlight its existence.


6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   130-180g Lures   PE1.2-2.5#   Rod Wt.130g    


The powerful tip can manage the 200g jigs easily but the feeling is like a lighter model. And the butt section can pull the big fish up quickly from the bottom with its power setting.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:4   150-200g Lures   PE1.5-3.0#   Rod Wt.144g    


The tip has enough power to control the max 230g jigs. It can drop the heavy jig quickly to the fish zone and make a variety of action there. This rod is also good for the long fall movement with the max 400g jigs.

6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:5   180-230g(FallMax 400g) Lures   PE1.5-3.5#   Rod Wt.153g 


Model No. Length Piece Power Lure PE Rod Wt. Price
MTGC-633SF 6ft.3inc. 1 3 130-180g #1.2-2.5 133g $329
MTGC-634SF 6ft.3inc. 1 4 150-200g #1.5-3 144g $349
MTGC-685SF 6ft.8inc. 1 5 180-230g #1.5-3.5 153g $369