Palms Pinwheel light game lure rod

By Palms

The popular light game rod Palms Pinwheel has been revamped and fine tuned to a new range to suit various styles of light game anglers. A unique series that covers a wide range of light game fishing from bream, trout, bass, flathead, whiting and many more species with lengths, strengths and different tips including a tubular and solid tip. Depending on your preferred lure style there's a model finely tuned to suit your requirements. From twitching soft plastics to ultra light shore jigging to swimming minnows for whiting, the 2020 Pinwheel series provides a high of operability with sensitivity and accuracy to enhance your fishing. 

Key features

X Carbonology: An effective carbon wrapping system to increase the rigidity of the blank to prevent the blank from twisting and creates a lighter blank which exerts the same power output regardless of the angle of the rod. 

Specified names:  A unique name for each model encompassing specific grip lengths, blank materials and fine tuned to select the correct model. 

Guide settings: Built with Fuji K guides with a smaller diameter guide to optimise performance, enhance casting, increase sensitivity to finish off the ultimate light game rod.

Reel seat: A skeleton reel seat for reduced weight, increased sensitivity and the ability to detect the smallest of bites accurately. 

Grips: A split rear grip to rear butt of the rod to drastically reduced weight and increase balance in the hands of the angler. 

Tubular & Solid tip options: 
PFGS models are tubular tips (standard carbon blanks) 
PFSS models are solid tips 

Specialty model breakdown

PFGS-56UL [Extra Fast]
The shortest model in the range with a tubular tip and a high elastic blank when distance isn't vital. Ideal for ajing and light game with soft plastics. 

PFGS-63UL [Extra Fast]
A balanced model that can be used in various locations suitable for microjigs and small hardbody lures. 

PFGS-69UL + [Tip Power Custom]
A blank with a smooth curve the 69UL is suitable for areas where distance is required but sensitivity is vital. 

PFGS-86UL + [Super Flex]
When distance is vital the 86UL is the model that will succeed. Designed for small hardbodys and microjigs this model will reach the distance to find the target

PFGS-75L + [Bottom Control]
A special model to suit anglers who need to feel the lure hitting the bottom to get the strike using a soft plastic or microjig.

PFSS-59UL [Solid Fast]
The solid tip enables versatility for soft plastics and microjigs combining sensitivity and flexibility for situations where the bites detected by the tip of the rod is vital. 

PFSS-76UL [Solid Fast]
Built with length and a solid tip the 76UL will enable maximum sensitivity with casting distance and a reduced rate of hook pulls due to the softness in the solid tip.

PFSS-77L [Butt UP Tuned]
Designed with a power backbone and sensitivity, the 77L has a sensitive tip with a strong butt section to steer those larger catches out of structure. 

PFGC-64UL [Salt Finesse]
A 2021 addition to the range in a baitcaster model for anglers seeking thrill with a small baitcaster that can cast up to 7grams. Ideal as an all rounder light game rod.  

Model Length Pieces Action Casting range Line lbs PE line Weight
PFGS-56UL [Extra Fast] 5ft.6inc. 2 UL 0.4-3.5g 1-5lb 0.2-0.4 74g
PFGS-63UL [Extra Fast] 6ft.3inc. 2 UL 0.4-3.5g 1-5lb 0.2-0.4 80g
PFGS-69UL + [Tip Power Custom] 6ft.9inc. 2 UL plus 1-7g 2-8lb 0.2-0.8 89g
PFGS-86UL + [Super Flex] 8ft.6 inc. 2 UL plus 0.6-10g 2-6lb 0.2-0.6 103g
PFGS-75L + [Bottom Control] 7ft.5inc. 2 L plus 3-14g 3-10lb 0.3-1.0 98g
PFSS-59UL [Solid Fast] 5ft.9inc. 2 UL 0.4-3.5g 1-5lb 0.2-0.4 77g
PFSS-76UL [Solid Fast] 7ft.6inc. 2 UL 0.4-5g 2-5lb 0.2-0.4 92g
PFSS-77L [Butt UP Tuned] 7ft.7inc. 2 L 1.5-10g 2-8lb 0.2-0.8 98g
New PFGC-64UL [Salt Finesse] 6ft.4inc. 2 UL 0.4-7g 2-5lb 0.2-0.4 92g