2021 Zenaq Sinpaa 83 Hiramasa

By Zenaq

The new heartbeat of ZENAQ.

Offshore casting rod "SINPAA" for specialists

A specialty rod that focuses on specific conditions.
The rod action brings out the potential of lures that are strategically changed depending on the size of the fish, the season, and other situations, and gives life to them.
Inheriting the high basic performance from the FOKEETO Casting series of rods, which has been original specialized rods since the early days of offshore casting game, the SINPAA has evolved into a rod for specialists.
It was born as a specialty rod for catching the big one, which has been considered difficult for many people to challenge,
just like a mountaineer aiming for the difficult mountains in search of his own limit.

Advantages of Hexagonal Foregrip:

Design Patent No.1638907
ZENAQ’s innovative ergonomic foregrip, known as the hexagonal grip, is designed to fit an angler’s hands comfortably, giving him or her a huge advantage when fighting large fish. Contoured to maximize grip with minimal pressure, your hand will not tire nearly as much as with a cylindrical handle during a fight with a large fish. Additionally, the hexagonal grip offers more precise lure control, helping you tempt more strikes from fish.


Length: 8' 3" / Lure: 65~130g / PE Line: # 5~8
A speciality rod focusing on the usability of diving pencils (floating stickbaits).
Smooth and powerful belly and butt sections stop the dash of monster fish which can pull out 15kg~16kg of drag, and keep high pressure on fish.
Exquisite blank taper and resilience at the tip section to allow diving pencils to swim perfectly and to create necessary line slack for the next action.
A strong belly section performs smooth power slide during casting and fighting fish and is designed thick and powerful enough to handle monster class fish.
The assist guide is equipped at the tip section and it reduces line trouble drastically.
The four guides from the tip are single-wrapped for sharpness and delicacy so as not to spoil the best lure action, and the 3 guides from the butt guide are double-wrapped for the violent resistance of monster fish.
In Japan, it was developed for catching huge amberjack yellowtails over 20kg.
The SINPAA 83 Hiramasa is eligible enough to fight tuna, GT and other monsters around the world.